Liqui-moly has been making Quality lubricants and additives for over 50 years 

Liqui-moly offer

Engine and gear oils, oil and fuel additives, auto-care products, chemical problem solvers, service products and special lubricants, complete product lines for cars, motorbikes, boats, commercial vehicles - everything needed by the trade, workshop and industry - are available from a single source - LIQUI MOLY

Liqui-moly are constantly expanding our product range with new, combining a thirst for innovation with vast technical know how to bring you the best possible products.

Liqui-molys highest goal is to provide you with the highest possible product quality every time. In order for our chemists to keep themselves informed about current technical developments at all times, they are continually in close contact with industry.

their products are subjected to continual testing and are fine-tuned to the current technical situation. 

Liqui Moly works closely with the motor industry to meet and exceed their requirements they also develop new products to help manufacturers solve problems so even better cars can be built.

Liqui Moly meet all BMW approvals

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Liqui-moly MAF cleaner

Special active solvent for fast and gentle cleaning of sensitive components of the air flow sensor in gasoline and diesel engines. The Cleaner also distinguishes itself by means of a very fast evaporation that is free of residues. 

A dirty hot wire or hot plate in the air flow sensor leads to incorrect readings for calculating the fuel/air mixture. The starting and idling properties of the vehicle are thus impaired, the engine performance is reduced and the fuel consumption increases. 

Also, dirty sensors on vehicles with automatic transmissions can cause shifting problems. Thanks to the use of the Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, an expensive replacement of the sensor can most likely be avoided.

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LIQUI MOLY throttle valve cleaner

The all-round supplier of auto chemicals from Ulm in Germany has developed a service product which is particularly suitable for cleaning throttle valves. This active solvent dissolves and removes the deposits and contamination such as oil, resin and adhesives which are typically found in the intake system. With the special formulation and, above all, 60 cm long spray extension in the form of a thin, flexible tube, impurities can be removed from inner components just as they can from the injectors.
This cleaner guarantees the proper operation of all moving parts, reducing e.g. fuel consumption.
Throttle valve cleaner is available in a 400 ml can.

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