NF Octane Booster

this works great on Turbo and tuned cars that need to Eliminate detonation... but untuned NA cars also see an increase in performance to a lesser degree because most cars are designed to operate on 98ron and pull timing to run on less octane depending on conditions...

NF race 6 Ron (black bottle) is the only boost not recommended for use in every tank... it is made for special occasions and will cause problems with use in every tank because of buildup... all the others are designed to be used in every tank and will not cause problems...

if you need 6 Ron on every tank you can use the Ultra Race concentrate on 60l...

using NF Ultra Race concentrate at full 10 Ron mix is also not recommended for every tank but 6 Ron and 8 Ron can be used in every tank...

always use the right octane for your conditions... no point in running 10 Ron all the time if you crawling in traffic just touching the throttle or doing very short trips and hardly heating up the engine... Most of guys that have problems with the high Ron boosts are overdosing for their conditions

  • Instantly increases octane rating by up to 3 RON to 10 RON
  • Recommended for race days, track days and dedicated race cars.
  • Eliminates detonation / knocking / pinging / pinking
  • Increases acceleration & performance
  • Reduces hesitations & engine temperatures
  • Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic convertors
  • Octane Number improvements were laboratory tested using the ASTM D2699 Method.

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NF Diesel boost

NF Diesel Boost is great for use in ALL diesel engines in cars and trucks. Simply add the unique formula to the fuel tank before filling to boost power and performance and maintain a cleaner, smoother running engine.


  • Restores and boosts power & performance, improves accelleration and throttle response
  • Helps remove hesitations
  • Increases cetane rating of diesel by up to 5 numbers
  • Cleans injectors and entire fuel system
  • Maintains a clean engine and fuel system if used continuously
  • Removes deposits from combustion chambers, extending engine life
  • Reduces carbon formation, extending oil life. Cleaner oil means less wear and tear on the engine
  • Reduces diesel smoke
  • Improves cold starts
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Adds lubricity to low sulphur diesel, lubricating fuel pumps and injectors
  • Protects engines and turbochargers - even when used with high sulphur diesel
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Treats 1 tank up to 100 litres of diesel

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    NF 3-in-1 Petrol and Diesel Cleaner

    • Contains specially formulated high strength cleaners
    • Cleans fouled injectors, intake valves & combustion chambers
    • Removes gum and varnish build up from entire fuel system
    • Restores accesleration & performance
    • Improves Fuel Economy
    • Safe for catalytic convertors and oxygen sensors
    • Non-Flammable
    • Treats 100 litres
    • Recommended for use at least every 10 tanks

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    NF 1146 Fuel Savers

    NF 1146 Fuel Savers contain a combustion catalyst which results in the fuel achieving a more complete combustion during the combustion cycle thus limiting combustion during the exhaust cycle which leads to lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and better performance.

    In addition, deposits on pistons, valves, injectors are gradually broken down resulting in a cleaner, smoother, more efficient engine. This leads to lower maintenance, reduced engine wear and extended engine life.

    NF Fuel Savers will keep a new engine clean and can clean up a dirty engine while allowing the fuel used to burn cleaner. This offers a cost effective way to save fuel, conserve energy, protect the environment and yet not sacrifice performance.

    Fuel Saver for light motor vehicles is supplied in an easy to use bottle making it easy to measure out the exact quantity needed.
    For instructions on how to use the bottle see the Products Page.

    Fuel Saver cleans your engine by slowly removing deposits in a process that could take 10 full tanks of fuel. Fuel consumption will continue to improve as the deposits are removed. You should also expect to see an increase in power. If you like the power and have a lead foot, you should not expect to see a large improvement in consumption. The increase that comes with using Fuel Saver can be seen by having either better consumption or more power.

    • No modifications to your vehicle
    • Easy to use: add the exact quantity you need
    • Improves Fuel Consumption
    • Improves Power and Performance
    • Reduces Engine Wear to Extend Engine Life
    • Extends Oil Life
    • Cleans your engine by removing carbon deposits
    • Reduces Emissions
    • Reduces Soot & Ash (Diesel Smoke)
    • Inhibits Corrosion

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    all prices subject to change without notice