Beisan Vanos kits

VANOS Seal failure

If you own a 6cyl bmw between 1993-2006 you have vanos... what it does is it magically gives your bmw a super flat torque curve

problem is the magic stops because unfortunately bmw fitted seals made of the wrong material and some have been found to fail after just 32 000km...

how does this loss of magic affect you... well it affects the low down torque alot so you can expect to be using more fuel because timing is not where it should be when driving normally .. when they get really bad your idle will be rough and you could find takeoffs tricky because the engine will want to bog...

so why these seals? the oem seals are made of Buna (Buna-N, NBR, Nitrile) and dont last well under the conditions they work in... these beisan systems seals are made of Viton (FKM, Fluorocarbon) which has similar mechanical properties to Buna but last under the conditions so your vanos can do its magic

BMW has been asked about this problem and have said "No further development will be doneĀ" because lets face it an old slow gas eating bmw makes the new ones look even better

VANOS Rattle

This is a very nasty sound that comes from the vanos unit it happens at 1800-2200 RPM but could also happen at idle when its really bad... It is normally not serious but can be very annoying and can lead to wear on the cam gears which then will need replacing when they are warn badly and its not a cheap piece...

because of the witchcraft of the vanos most of the rattle comes from the vanos pistons removing the vanos piston bearing axial play significantly reduces the rattle at a low cost  and should be considered if there is noise coming from the vanos when you replace vanos seals

e60 Seal replacement procedure

e60 Rattle repair procedure

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