To Buy From Axis simply follow the 3 easy steps on the item you want to buy

We do need your email address so we can mail you back and conclude the payment

There are Two methods you can use to Pay for Axis Items:

you can simply deposit the amount by EFT or cash deposit


for you credit card Junkies you can Pay using Payfast...

Payfast is similar to PayPal and offers a very safe way to do transactions online in South Africa... however it does not carry as high fees because your money is not converted into $ to do the transaction

Registration is Free and takes 3min (well 2.46min) you may even be able to get registration time down even more if you quick

Paying with Payfast will add 5% to prices because margin is too small for to absorb the Fee... where ever possible you should rather use EFT and save yourself 5%